Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 Sundance Film Festival, Part 2

We arrived in Park City and hit the ground running, quickly accepting that once again we were on a kid-free trip, yet we way-under-rested-mamas would not sleep a wink!

Ethan Hawke.  He looked a bit rough last year,
so it was so nice to see him cleaned up a bit this year. 

He will forever be a favorite, because of Reality Bites,
but I am excited for all the acclaim he is receiving this
awards season for Boyhood.

Christopher Abbott.  Who I looooved as Marnie's
boyfriend on Girls.  Later that day we got to see him in the
premiere of James White.

Hailee Steinfeld in town to promote Ten Thousand Saints,
We tried for tickets.  No dice.  A solid cast, and I heard
good reviews during the week.  I can't wait to see it.

He is a Sundance staple!  I do love me some

Clearly I heart him.  I practically wrapped myself in his jacket.
 As always, my scruples are out the window on this trip.

Emile Hirsch. Was this before or after he drunkenly
beat up a women, at an industry party, during the
festival? I liked him, as an actor, until I heard about
that bit of shenanigans. 

Jeff and Jordan.  They met on Big Brother, but
I remember watching them on the Amazing Race.

and...I was the only one who recognized them
and knew their names.  If there is ever a
wicked low brow version of Jeopardy, sign me up!

Emile Hirsch and Hailee Steinfeld.

Hailee Steinfeld & Kristen Wiig

She then recognized me from the airport.  I told
her she looked much less 'flu-like' and should now
stop for a real pic.
James Marsden.  We chatted OKC with him.

Can we have a moment?  KEVIN SMITH!
Dear God, I love him!  

We were so excited we scored tickets to this film

James White was a good see.  Hard to watch at times, but overall 
I do appreciate the story, and the casting was spot on. 

Here's Christopher Abbott and Cynthia Nixon during the
Q&A with the audience, after the premiere.  I say it every single
time, but it is such a treat to hear the cast and crew discuss the film.

Christopher Abbott and the film's director, Josh Mond

post premiere Q&A. 

I geeked out when I saw director Cutter Hodierne.
He brought the excellent film I mentioned after
last year's festival, Fishing Without Nets (which
began as a short film at the festival in 2012, and received
funding to then be made into a feature).  It was nice
to chat with him, and some of the people behind that film
and to hear they were at this year's festival to receive a I know that means more goodness to come on
the screen, by his direction.

He might be the douchiest of celebs:

I have never seen him act, but his maj douche-ness 
on Main Street leads me to assume he blows 
chunks all over the big screen.

Just sayin'!

Okay, I am out for now, but stay tuned for
more mamarazzi chronicles!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Sundance Film Festival, part 1

One of my best friends and I ditched our husbands and kids for a few days of adventures in Park City, Utah for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. The adventures began, the minute I departed my airplane as I had a long ass wait at the airport, waiting on my friend's arrival.  We had a slight mix up on our flight arrival times and I arrived 7 hours before her.  This girl here (me) made some damn fine lemonade out of those aiport lemons.  I got my camera out and went to work doing my mamarazzi thing. 

I legit had no clue who she was, but was like I totally 
know that face, and her name is Jennifer.  I did some
follow up research after latte purchase (see, we were at the
airport Starbucks). I think my ridiculous photographic
 memory can be credited to all the nights in college I slept 
with a  picture of Albert Einstein under my pillow. 

I was on the phone with my girlfriend (who at this point 
wasn't even at the airport to fly and meet me...we are 
quite the pair), drinking a latte WHEN I freaked the
eff out, hung up on my friend, spilled a bit of latte
on my leg as I noticed Kristen Wiig was walking past.

Whatevz, worst pic ever and she is totes a favorite.
I should try and remedy this upon arrival in Park City.

Or...I could march on over, let her know I didn't get
a good pic and ask for a redo right then and there.

We chatted a bit, but she was hesitant for a picture as
she was just getting over the flu.  So...she decided
this would cover up her flu face.  As if.  I still
absolutely adore the stuffing out of everything
she brings to the screen!

Where's Kevin Bacon, Yo!?!

Kellan Lutz insisted I be in the pic with him.  Too bad I decided
to dedicate my gaze to someone else's camera.

Mamie Gummer.  She looked HANGRY.

Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots

I can't even.  Adrian Grenier

Gaaaaaaw I was sooooo crazy excited!!! John Cusack
is one of my most favorite actors.  The driver didn't 
flinch over my excitement.  That's when it dawned 
on me Oh, Joan Cusack...I was still excited.

Joan Cusack arrived, and I realized she was crying
her eyes out.  So, I didn't keep snapping.

Jack Black.  He is not a favorite of mine, but the
 reviews of  The D Train, which premiered at the festival, 
have me excited to see this film. 

He goes by: Kid Cudi (musician)/Scott Mescudi (actor)
Had the pleasure of him seeing him the next day
in the film James White. Excellent!

Well friends, that's a wrap ON MY 7 HOURS AT THE SLC AIRPORT!
Just you wait...this year's festival was loaded with many a celeb sightings!!

Soon friends, soon.  I promise.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fig & Arugula Flat Bread

Last weekend as my friend and I wandered up Main Street in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival we were invited to "lunch" by a sponsor of the events.  Dear Lord, their idea of lunch and our idea of lunch...different planets.  Though, I am so thankful we popped in as they were serving up  an amuse bouche of the most amazing flat bread I have ever had the pleasure of trying, and thanks to a few ingredients I had on hand I decided to attempt a copy cat version.  I think I won, as it tastes pretty spot on.

What you need:
  Flat Bread
Fig Spread
Gruyere Cheese
White Truffle Oil
Sea Salt Flakes

On a baking sheet I placed store bought naan (which is a freezer
staple, in this house.  These were smaller in size, found at Costco). 
I topped each naan with a heaping tablespoon of Fig Butter (Trader Joe's)
 Lightly drizzle with honey

My little Benny is obsessed with the honey bear. He carries
it around and pats it on the back, like a baby doll.  It is the cutest/
messiest little thing ever, as I am constantly checking 'baby' to
make sure it isn't leaking all over the house.  
 Top with slices of Gruyere cheese.  
My sous chef Logi used the slicer to slice all of the cheese.  She was so proud.

Place baking sheet in a 350 degree oven and bake for 6-8 minutes,
 until the cheese is melted.

Immediately top warm flat breads with arugula,
then drizzle on white truffle oil and generously 
sprinkle with sea salt flakes.
This can be served as an entree, or sliced small
as a starter (or lunch, if you are a vendor during Sundance)

I am patting myself on the back as this is so spot on to the deliciousness
we wanted more of last week!  The blend of sweet from the fig and honey is 
perfectly balanced with the tender bite of gruyere cheese, the pepper of the
arugula and the buttery love of the white truffle oil.  
Oh and it was on the plate to be gobbled up within 20 minutes.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Parisian Rubbish

For reals, my mind was blown when we turned the corner off the sweetest little cobblestone alley in Paris and saw the most ridiculous pile of trash, waiting to be picked up.

Zac looked at the pile, looked at me, looked at the pile...and kindly
reminded me we were heading to Morocco and not taking a bike
with us.  Oh the injustice! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gift wrapping tip, to simplify your Christmas!

I am pulling out some gifts I have stashed away the last few months, 
and wanted to share my quick and easy tips for Christmas 
morning presents, for kids.

Seriously, I feel like this is a game changer!

 Items that arrive in a perfect box, I wrap and those 
are gifts from us ('us' being Zac & me).  

 Instead of searching for boxes and gift bags, irregular
shaped items are gifts from Santa, and are tucked
under the tree, sans wrapping, on Christmas morning!

This is great in more ways than saving you time on searching
for a box or gift bag, it also saves from the question you 
will ask yourself at 11pm on Christmas Eve, which
is the paper that Santa is using??? Seriously, 
kids notice more wrapping paper slip ups!

Hope this helps.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sundance Film Festival 2014, part 5

By the skin of my teeth, I am knocking out the 
remaining adventures of Sundance Film Festival 
2014, in 2014.  Lawdy.  No excuses. 
 I am going to have to put some serious perimeters on 
knocking out Sundance 2015... 
which is just a month away.  AHHHHH!  

First, I suggest you get caught up (again...come one now, it's fun) 
by flipping through the previous posts of this adventure.  
Here they are for you:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4...Enjoy!

The director, Cutter Hodierne, and star of the film Fishing Without Nets.

I have been lucky enough to check out a handful
of films at the festival each year, over the past 9 years and this
film ranks at the top.  The film premiered as a short
film during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and 
then received the necessary funding to make it into a feature length
film. Blessings to those who backed it, as it is a MUST SEE!

 The cast of Fishing Without Nets.

At the theater, the intro screen, introducing all of the
films of the US Dramatic Competition.

I still cover in chill bumps, when I think of this film.

 Part of the cast.  Lead character, in the middle.

I have said it a thousand times over, the highlight of seeing
 films at the festival is the Q&A with the people who created and acted
 in the film.  Hearing the ins and outs of this film was remarkable.
 I cannot stress enough that everyone needs to see this 
film. I except we will continue to see big things from this young
director, in the future. 

Oh, hey there, Adrian Grenier.  You snowboard?
I ski!!!  Want to make out, I mean hang out ?*

No for reals, could he be any cuter?  Me thinks not.
 Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Entourage at the theater, next
year! Have you all seen the documentary he whipped up a few
years back, Teenage Paparazzo?  Must see.

*praise the lord I married the sweetest man who
loves (keep telling myself that) my sense of humor.

 Kurt Russell in town promoting the documentary,
The Battered Bastards of Baseball.

Ahhhhh, you're on SNL!!!  We adore you!!!
-a "group of anonymous girls", grabbing lunch.

We were so excited to see Jenny Slate at
lunch on Main Street.  She was in town
promoting Obvious Child in which she stars.

This could totes be a rumor starting picture, right?
Yet, we all know Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette must
be super close pals after working together over a
decade on the film Boyhood.  This film is fascinating,
as it seems more documentary than feature film...
I cannot wait to see it.

Both are up for SAG and Golden Globe awards,
for their parts in this film.

Even though he looks rather HANGRY* in this
picture, he will forever be one of my favorites,
because he starred in Reality Bites. That film
was everything to teenagers in the 90s...
in my opinion.

* And no, he wasn't yelling at me.
Sure looks it though.

FLAWLESS!!! For reals, I was blown away
by how stunning she is!

 Aubrey Plaza of Parks & Rec. I asked her to wave (of course I did)
so I could send this to my friend, Kenny D, a year later...oops.

Jason Schwartzman. Enough said.

Director Rory Kennedy, promoting her documentary,
Last Days in Vietnam.

Director Gregg Araki, introducing his film
White Bird in a Blizzard.

The cast of White Bird in a Blizzard: Christopher Meloni,
Mark Indelicato, Shailene Woodley, Gabourey Sidibe & Shiloh Fernandez

Q&A after the premiere.
Yes, he was totally the little guy in the
television series Ugly Betty.

I really wanted to like this film, with all of the 
talent involved.  However, I did not like it 
much at all.  A few of the parts felt obviously
miscast and I found it hard to watch the
dude from Law & Order: SVU play such a 
vulnerable role.  The acting didn't feel authentic.
I did enjoy Gabourey's shoes!

Oh hey, Katie Couric!

Mary Steenburgen.  A forever favorite because
of parts in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Elf.

Ashley Greene

Well folks, I think that is finally a wrap on my pics from
 the Sundance Film Festival, 2014.

I will be back at it in a month, for the 2015 festival.
 Ahhhh, cannot wait!